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First Light Outfitters is completely free to sign up for. That’s right, no monthly or annual fees.

Get started today by completing the simple signup form and we’ll reach out to you with your next steps.

Once your account is set up, you’ll want to submit your artwork to First Light Outfitters. This could simply be your logo or it could be something more elaborate.

You’ll also make a few choices about what kind of apparel to offer in your store.

That’s it. Really!

From there, our team will place your artwork on your apparel choices and add them to your store. All you have to do is sit back and relax (or take customers fishing or hunting)!

What is First Light Outfitters?

First Light Outfitters is the largest online marketplace that offers uniquely designed apparel from professional outdoor guides from Anywhere around the world!

Together with FishAnywhere and HuntAnywhere, First Light Outfitters rounds out the total experience for You, the Outdoor enthusiast. Here’s your chance to buy customized apparel in one place from a huge selection of unique designs from the Pro’s, who make their living everyday taking customers out to experience the great outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to sign up?
Signing up for First Light Outfitters is free. We’ll never charge you a monthly/yearly fee and you’ll earn a commission based on the number of apparel items sold. 
Are there any fees associated with my First Light Outfitters store?
The only cost to a First Light Outfitters store owner is a one-time logo “digitizing” fee of $6. This is the process of formatting a graphic in a manner that an embroidery machine can recognize. This one-time cost is incurred on the sale of your first embroidered item, and the fee will be held from your commission payout. You are not required to pay it out of pocket.
How do charters and guides make money?
 First Light Outfitters will take care of everything, and pay a commission to you (minus the setup and processing work from our side). You upload your design and we’ll take care of everything.
How do payouts work?
 Charters/guides will be paid on a monthly schedule based on all earned commisions within that month. All payouts will be paid via PayPal. Sign up for PayPal 
Who sets the apparel price?
First Light Outfitters will set the price for apparel on a per-product basis. These prices will remain consistent – per product type – with any others in the website, giving all products an equal chance at a sale.
What kind of artwork do I need to provide?

Your artwork may simply be your logo or it might be a more elaborate design. We recommend sending us vector artwork, but understand that it may not always be possible. If your artwork resolution is too low, we may contact you with more options.  

What if I don’t have a logo?
First Light Outfitters can refer you to a professional graphic design freelancer and give you exact specifications to ask for regarding your design. Simply click here to access design resources.
Can OEMs sell on First Light Outfitters?
 Yes! Original Equipment Manufacturers are welcome to sign up and sell through First Light Outfitters. Contact our Support Team today to get started! 
What does First Light Outfitters have to do with FishAnywhere and HuntAnywhere?
First Light Outfitters is part of the AnywhereBrands suite of websites. It is our goal to provide an ecosystem of solutions for customers wanting to fish, hunt, and experience the outdoors with a professional guide. 
Will this affect my FishAnywhere or HuntAnywhere account?
When you sign up and your first item is published, we’ll add a link to your FishAnywhere or HuntAnywhere listings letting your customers know to check First Light Outfitters for your branded apparel!

Need a Logo or Design?

First Light Outfitters has partnered with a Design Agency to provide high quality logo design services to professional outdoor guides at a discounted rate. All logo and graphic orders include three free revisions and a final graphic file specifically for printed apparel. 
Click Here to access design resources.

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Artwork Submission Guidelines

For highest quality on printed apparel, we recommend sending your logo in vector format (.ai, .eps, .svg)

If you do not have a vector format logo available, please provide the largest, highest resolution .png version that you have.

Still unsure if your logo is ready for print? Send us an email with the graphic attached to, and we’ll point you in the right direction!